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Deadly Dan the smoke free superhero

The photo shows Deadly Dan the Smoke Free Man delivering the anti-smoking message “You smoke, you choke” and children listening to Dan. Deadly Dan also has a book titled Deadly Dan at the League.

Deadly Dan with children delivering the message “You smoke, you choke”.


Deadly Dan the Smoke Free Man returns in a book titled Deadly Dan at the League.

“You smoke, you choke,” is Deadly Dan’s message. The fully illustrated book aims to promote conversation around healthy lifestyle choices and smoking. The book uses Koori English words and a culturally-relevant story for the north-west Melbourne Aboriginal community.

“The best resources are based locally and draw on the strengths of the Aboriginal community,” Healthy Lifestyle Team Manager, Laura Thompson, says.

“We are focusing our efforts on the next generation of Aboriginal children knowing that they also have an enormous influence on their parents, carers and Elders,” Health Promotion Coordinator, Sarah Sheridan, says.

“We hear again and again that people quit because their child informed them of the dangers of smoking.”

The book builds on a suite of Deadly Dan resources, including a children’s colouring in book, bookmarks, t-shirts, capes/cloaks and a Deadly Dan costume. 

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