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Indigenous innovation through Flint programme

Indigenous Digital Excellence Flint Programme banner on the ground with robot type machines sitting on it


The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence Flint Program is sparking the interest, ideas and talent of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through digital technology.

The non-government partnership between the Telstra Foundation and the Redfern-based National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) provides in-kind support for regional Indigenous communities through hands on workshops for young people, skills development for local facilitators as well as equipment and educational resources.

“Technology is being embraced in our communities in all kinds of ways. We know that smart phones for example, are in heavy use in our communities but when you move into coding, robotics or 3D printing you’re really talking about quite new technologies,” said Kirstie Parker, CEO of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

The Flint Program encourages excitement and a thirst for knowledge in remote communities where both young people and Elders can participate. As part of the program, local facilitators receive technical training to deliver digital workshops and communities receive a range of world class equipment to foster hands on learning.

“We wanted to establish programs and support infrastructure that strengthens Indigenous participation, practice and entrepreneurship in the digital economy.” Kirstie Parker, CEO NCIE.