Case Study

Literacy for Life in Brewarrina, Western New South Wales

Indigenous woman and child sitting on a park bench reading a book


Now that Brewarrina resident Neranellis Coffey, 41, has improved her reading and writing, she can’t wait to help others. “I want to read to my family, especially to the children,” Neranellis said.

Neranellis is one of more than 100 graduates who have taken part in the Literacy for Life Foundation’s project, funded through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, to reduce low literacy among Indigenous adults.

“If people need help reading a book, filling out forms or help with the computer, I can help them with the skills I have learnt with the Literacy for Life Foundation.”

Neranellis says the way the entire community is engaged and supports the campaign is the reason it works. Everyone shares the success and gains inspiration from each other.

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