Local Solutions

Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly

Former Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly member with community leader from Wentworth, standing in front of an Indigenous mural


The Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly is a self-formed regional governance body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in 16 communities across Western New South Wales. The Assembly has evolved in the Murdi Paaki region over 20 years and is now a representative regional voice participating in decision-making and assisting in implementing government policy. The Commonwealth works with the Assembly as a key point of engagement on service delivery in the region and has provided funding to support ongoing governance.

The Assembly has navigated government policy, and continues to identify and articulate issues faced by the region’s communities, as well as local solutions to address them.

“The biggest issue for the Assembly has been to maintain its relevance by keeping its governance strong. If the Assembly was not strong, it would not be relevant to its communities or to government.” – Alistair Ferguson Acting Chairperson Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly.

As part of the Local Decision Making model, the Assembly has signed an Accord with the New South Wales Government. This will provide a platform for decision making power, authority and control of government services in the Murdi Paaki region to be devolved to the Assembly over time.